Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela 

Our mission

Azé is a non-profit association that supports access to education to children in Toliara, South-West of Madagascar.


Azé is the French pronunciation of the oral accentuation of the Malagasy Azy which means « to them, to her, to him ». To them, the children, to their future!


Education allows future adults to envision a better life. It represents a fundamental asset in terms of economic and social development.

The core of our mission

Azé helps about 500 children every year to access quality education.
Location: Toliara, Madagascar

Recipients: young people from 5 to 20 years old
Scope: provide access to education from primary school to university
Project partners: AMIKA association, Alliance Française of Toliara, Betala medical centre, Fondation Adveniat des Augustins de l’Assomption


In Madagascar,

The minimum wage is 50€
1 child out of 4 does not go to school
2 children out of 3 do not reach high school
Children under 14 represent 41% of the population *

(* statistics from UNICEF 2016 and UNESCO 2017)

Education is a uniquely positive force, let’s continue to pursue our action together
Satria ny fianarana dia hery sy tanjaka, andeha isika hiaraka hanohy ny asa efa vita

Our Mission


Education is a vital human right, enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Thanks to social inclusion, our goal is to guarantee our children the access to fundamental rights:
the right to live and develop, the right to an identity, the right to healthcare, the right to education.