Our Action

Our action in Madagascar


In a constant dialogue with Father Marco and the local team in Toliara, Azé advises and co-manages the choices of development strategies on the ground in order to ensure sustainable results.

Our action in France


Azé raises the necessary funds to execute its strategy actions.
At the same time, the association is working to promote Madagascar and its cultural wealth.

Support of enrollment fees, schooling costs as well as school supplies

Coverage of medical care costs

Providing a daily nutritious breakfast for every student

Vegetable garden maintenance

Teacher training

Awakening activities

Improvement of school and extracurricula insfrastructure

Access to preschool education

Our project is ambitious and we count on you to help our children of Toliara flourish. No matter how large or small, every donation has the power to make a difference.

Education is a uniquely positive force, let’s continue to pursue our action together
Satria ny fianarana dia hery sy tanjaka, andeha isika hiaraka hanohy ny asa efa vita

Our Mission


Education is a vital human right, enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Thanks to social inclusion, our goal is to guarantee our children the access to fundamental rights:
the right to live and develop, the right to an identity, the right to healthcare, the right to education.